Release Updates [21/06/2023]

Another interesting week as well. Major released updates from our team are

  1. Fixed an issue that was causing CORS error while accessing production endpoint ( for some users.
  2. Meroku Protocol dApp Explorer ⍺ (alpha) is live at Now you can explore dApps and categories on the explorer. Give it a spin and let us know of feedbacks by replying here on this thread.
  3. Added various features and performed various bug fixes on dApp Store reference implementation (web). You can check them on the ref implementation github repo
  4. Updated Meroku API Docs to mark some APIs as deprecated. The new version of API is 1.21 and the corresponding @merokudao/storekit-sdk version is 1.21.0. If you haven’t already read about deprecated APIs, read more on it at Meroku’s blog post about API Updates
  5. Baked a pizza :pizza:
  6. Increased this Discourse group’s email digest’s frequency to once a week. It was everyday earlier. Not like we have a lot of action going on, but better have the annoyance sorted out, right!

That’s all fam. Stay tuned for more info. If you have any feedback for us, we’re listening. Reply on this thread below or start a new one.