Release Updates [14/06/2023]

Hi folks, We had a good week. Fixed a bunch of issues, and continue to build more.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  1. Fixed an issue that prevented people to update metadata. You will be able to update metadata. Note that you need to go through each tab option (app info, builds, images) in that order and then click on “save on chain” on the images tab to initiate saving the details on chain
  2. Now when you save your metadata, the creation, registration and expiry dates are visible on OpenSea.
  3. Fixed an issue where category and sub categories where showing improperly.
  4. Fixed a bug where the external_url field in metadata was incorrectly populated.
  5. Fixed an issue where images for app icons, banners and uploaded artifacts were not visible. The images were still being stored and served, but the UI had bugs causing them to display improperly.
  6. And many more fixes.

We’ve got some great feedback about user experience and are working on them. Stay tuned for more details here.