Categorization Updates

We are making two changes to categories and subcategories.

Bringing consistency to naming standard

Right now, some sub categories are listed using space convention (sub category) and others are listed in dash convention (sub-category). Going forward, we will be using the dash convention (sub-category). You should always use the /dapp/categories endpoint to get the list of categories and sub categories supported.

If you have hard-coded meroku’s categories and sub categories with your own implementation, you will need to update that. We know it sucks! Wish there was a better way.

  1. While showing these categories and sub categories in the UI, you should un-slugify them and show, example below
function getPresentableCatText(slug: string): string {
  const words = slug.split('-');
  const capitalizedWords = => word.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + word.slice(1));
  return capitalizedWords.join(' ');

Also available on this gist

  1. The dash-convention is URL Safe. You can safely use in creating your URLs or in query to Meroku APIs without any change.

Re categorising some dApps

For the dApps in registry, we are considering re-categorising them. We’re doing some experiments in better categorization and will keep you posted.

Let us know of your feedback or questions, and we promise to make the update smooth.